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Cloud Computing

We are your complete cloud computing services option. We provide a wide-range of cloud computing services for you, including back up and storage services, cloud computing mail services and archival services.

MnB IT Services team members are experts in all aspects of cloud computing and can advise you on the best cloud computing options for your business and IT infrastructure. We can provide you with an analysis of your back up, storage, mail and archival scenarios - giving you cloud-based options that will work best for your business and network.

Cloud Computing Back Up and Storage Services

You've likely heard stories of companies losing all of their data - and in turn losing key business contacts, information, processes, etc. Chances are such companies did not have a reliable offsite data protection system in place.

Typically the reason for not using a backup and recovery system comes down to cost. Luckily for you, MnB IT Services now offers an affordable and simple full back-up and disaster recovery solution.

Powered by Symform, our cost-efficient and reliable storage and data protection services give you the peace-of-mind knowing that your business and data are protected. Symform allows us to encrypt your data and store it redundantly on network nodes - making this a convenient and affordable storage solution.

By taking advantage of the ease of use of cloud computing, you no longer need to manage clumsy tape backups, worry about server and space concerns, and pay for expensive data centre-based online systems.

About Symform Cooperative Storage Cloud

Using the best practices of proven disaster recovery, data security, and distributed networking - the Symform Cooperative Storage Cloud provides a revolutionary and proven solution.

Using your unused server space equal to the amount of space used in the storage cloud - you are guaranteed to have the room and security to have your crucial files and data protected. Symform handles the day-to-day management of network security and administration of the Cooperative Storage Cloud.

With the Symform service, all of your data is automatically:

  • Encrypted on your machine using 256-bit military grade AES algorithm
  • Divided into fragments using the Reed-Solomon redundancy scheme for robust durability and high availability
  • Further secured by spreading these fragments out to hundreds of nodes participating in the network
  • Sent and retrieved in parallel to maximize the speed of backup and restore
  • Easily retrieved as needed for restore
  • As you can see there really is no reason to not have your data protected and backed-up. We offer a cost-effective, efficient and proven cloud computing storage solution that ensures your data is never at risk.
  • It pays to be protected in the event of a disaster such as flood, fire or larger threat - don't be left stranded when your data goes missing!

Cloud Computing Email and Management Software

Using proven technology from Google, we can provide you with secure and reliable email and management software. Using Google Apps, we can show you how to reduce your IT costs and put an end to email outages and communication issues.

These tools will help you stretch your resources and work smarter:

  • Gmail: 25GB storage, effective spam filters, 99.9% uptime service level agreement, email security.
  • Google Calendar: scheduling and agenda management, shared online calendars, mobile calendar sync.
  • Google Groups: user-created and defined groups to provide email lists, content sharing, searchable archives.
  • Google Docs: share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The freedom work online without attachments.
  • Google Sites: secure and code-free web pages for corporate intranets and team-focused/managed web pages.
  • Google Video: private and secure hosted video sharing.

Google Apps and services are proven in their security, efficiency and practicality. We provide training, support and management of these cloud-based tools - giving you complete peace-of-mind on the status of your email and management software services.

MnB IT Services is your choice for all cloud computing needs - from storage and back up to email and management services - our consultants can give you the experience, knowledge and support you need.

IT is our business | Service is our foundation

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